Custom Order - Girls Trip Charm Bracelets

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Metal: 14kt gold filled

Bracelet Style + Length: Paper Clip :: 6 inches + 1 inch ext

# of Charms: 1

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Bracelet Length - Choose a 6 or 7 inch length. Each comes with a 1-inch extender. (example: a 6 inch bracelet can be worn at any point between 6 and 7 inches, a 7 inch bracelet can be worn at any point between 7 and 8 inches)

Metal Options - 14kt gold filled, 14kt rose gold filled, or sterling silver.

Chain Options - Tiny Bar or Paper Clip. Based on the disc size (9.5mm), my recommendation is the Paper Clip chain, but both are beautiful!

# of Charms - Select number of charms based on the number of trips you have been on with the group that you would like to represent. 

Charms - Use the checkboxes to indicate the specific charms that will be added to your bracelet.

*Optional* If you would like the charms in a specific order, please let us know in the notes box - we'll create it as specified! Just note that future charms will most likely not stay in order since they will connect to the chain on both sides of the existing charms.