Since November of 2011, chip+chisel has been handcrafting personalized jewelry, ranging from our trendy and staple pieces to anniversary and milestone keepsakes. Each item is personally handstamped by chip+chisel founder and owner, Lindsy Fagan, in her PNW studio.  chip+chisel prides itself on excellent customer service, and when at all possible, establishing a meaningful connection with its customers through the unique stories attached to each individual design. 

We love to source small businesses, local vendors, and purchase our materials within the United States.


The heart and soul of our creations lie somewhere between mastering the art of personalizing your pieces and purposing to connect on an emotional level with our clients. Our mission goes far beyond creating quality jewelry, as we strive to leave a legacy of giving back. If we leave an impression of how much we care about each piece and the individual stories attached, we feel we have succeeded.


Our purpose is one that goes beyond profit.  Just as you’ve supported us, we strive to give support as well! Our intent has been and always will be to give back to causes that are of personal significance to us with a large focus on infertility and IVF as this goes hand in hand with our own journey.  We do this not only through monetary giving, but by donations of our time and products as well.  We also believe hugely in supporting our local community and are honored that through your patronage, we are able to continue to give back!