Ready to take your style game to new heights without breaking a sweat? We've got a secret weapon that will have you looking fabulous in a flash!

staple piece necklace with layering chains

Two Words :: Staple Pieces


We focus on timeless classics that can be worn layered or styled simply on their own for years to come.


We start with an "anchor" – what is it and why is it important? An anchor piece is a design that the rest of your layered look is built around. This is usually a personalized pendant and it serves as the foundation for your entire ensemble.

And guess what? They're not just for layering! When worn alone, they become the ultimate statement piece, drawing all eyes directly to them.

layering chains and staple necklaces

Once you've found your anchor, it's time to layer on the love! Picture yourself rocking a chic everyday chain paired with a charming butterfly or any other simple, everyday necklace. With our wide range of styles, you can mix and match to your heart's content, finding the perfect combo that screams YOU!

Before you run to the site and start shopping, we've got some layering tips to keep you looking like a true trendsetter. For layers one and two, we recommend spacing of 1-2 inches between them, creating a delicate eye-catching drape. And for those daring enough to rock a third layer, go wild with a sassy 2-3 inch gap, giving your look that extra oomph!

Wanna ensure your layers stay tangle free? Grab a Layering Clasp HERE.

layering chains to wear with other necklaces

So, whether you're creating a layered masterpiece or rocking a solo stunner, our assortment of both anchor and complimentary pieces will ensure you shine bright like an accessorizing superstar. Explore all of our different styles and discover the designs that speak to your soul!


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