What is inspiration? According to the Oxford language, inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. “Something creative” is that special part of the definition for me. Creativity comes in all forms; that’s what I love about the concept.

My kids are still at that age that they are creative with their imaginations. You know what I’m talking about, right? Those giant cardboard boxes that used to house the new microwave you bought to finish the reno you’ve been waiting so long to complete - they become houses for your little ones as they decorate the flimsy structure with their markers, stickers and puffy paints. (Are puffy paints still a thing?!) They’ve made it their own and you couldn't be more proud. But when inspiration comes from what your busy brain can imagine as an adult, that’s something truly special.

That aha moment came for me a few years ago when I started to think about birth flower jewelry and incorporating the Large Lara Bar into my custom personalized jewelry lineup. My creative juices started flowing, imagining the perfect addition to the Birth Flower Garden Collection I wanted to create.

First, what do I mean by a birth flower? Each month of the year corresponds with a flower. Depending on which month you were born in, that flower will represent your birth flower. Each flower represents something special - for example, those born in July enjoy the connection with the Larkspur representing positivity, potential and vivacity, and babies born in January share the Carnation as their birth flower representing love, loyalty and admiration. Now picture a white picket fence with those little flower blooms popping up from behind. Just enough of those stunning flowers showing to let the mind finish the stems of the flowers the eyes couldn’t physically see. I knew this metal bar would be the piece I would use to create this peekaboo look. Birth flowers in a straight line, unique to every mother or grandmother according to what their life has blessed them with. And to give that “peeking” look, flowers are thoughtfully handstamped at different variations of partial and whole blooms.

birth flower garden rectangle bar necklace personalized handcrafted jewelry

A lot of times, these pieces look even more beautiful when completed with filler floral. Filler floral acts as "greenery", the same kind of leaves or small stems you would find in a garden or bouquet. The placement of every birth flower combination along with the addition (or not!) of filler floral creates a completely unique and one-of-a-kind keepsake that ensures you can hold your loved ones close to your heart even when you're apart.

Choose your metal option - 14kt gold filled, 14kt rose gold filled, or sterling - and edge finish! I love a hammered edge finish on a Lara Large Bar necklace. That hammered look gives it that extra detail if that’s your style. For my friends who prefer a solid bar, they are just as gorgeous! Classic and simple is always in. No wonder this birth flower garden necklace has hit the top of my best seller list…it completes any outfit it’s paired with.

Ok, I know you’re wondering which bar choice is my favorite. I adore the rose gold! I actually wear almost all gold jewelry, but my eye goes to rose gold every single time.

You can create your very own Lara Large Bar Birth Flower Garden Necklace HERE! Have questions or want some help deciding on the details? Respond to this email - we love to help!

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  • Ann Zgodinski: July 20, 2023
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    Is it possible to still have this birth flower bar necklace still made? It is exactly what I am looking for for bridesmaids gifts.

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