Helping you find the perfect piece of jewelry that effortlessly fits your everyday style is what we strive for, and the Jada Disc Necklace has become just that for our customers - a beloved, everyday staple in their jewelry collection. 

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Whether you're dressed up for a night out or keeping it casual for a day of errands, it's the kind of necklace that effortlessly elevates your look without any fuss. It seamlessly adapts to any occasion with ease ... from coffee dates to dinner parties, this necklace is your go-to accessory that never fails to add a polished finishing touch to your ensemble.


Beyond its beauty, the Jada Disc Necklace holds a personal connection that makes it even more special. Whether it's a gift from a loved one or a piece you bought for yourself to celebrate a milestone, wearing it feels like carrying a piece of your story with you throughout the day. A symbol of cherished moments and meaningful connections, the Jada Disc Necklace keeps you closest to your most special person/people in a way only a unique personalized piece of jewelry can.


The Jada Disc Necklace is that perfect everyday jewelry essential that effortlessly enhances your style and reflects your personal connection to the piece. Worn on its own or as the anchor when layering, this will immediately be your favorite go-to design. ❤️


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